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4575 It Is Clear Now That Some Of The Children Have Live Parents," Bellerive Said AdelineSherer04 2020.05.29 1
4574 "Twitteros" Are Mexico's Latest Outlaws JenniPollak7308 2020.05.29 1
4573 Spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs Said Tuesday Several Hundred Prisoners Are Still Believed To Be On The Loose After Their Prisons Collapsed In The Jan ZaneAultman050143519 2020.05.29 1
4572 Haiti Food Convoy Attacked By Armed Men FranchescaIredale 2020.05.29 0
4571 Initiative Against Gender Discrimination On The Grounds That It Could Pressure Countries To Recognize Same-sex Marriages Elliot9195891250904 2020.05.29 0
4570 "I Remember Talking To My Friends On The Phone And They're Getting Ready For Exams, And I Was Like, 'ha, Ha, Ha.'" I Was Supposed To Do Home Schooling And I Was Supposed To Read Books, But I Didn't Do It Hollis89R6575900567 2020.05.29 0
4569 Even Before The Quake Critics Were Blaming Preval For Rising Unemployment, Corruption And Greed RoseanneQuan94037 2020.05.29 0
4568 Those Sanctions - A Travel Ban, Arms Embargo And Assets Freeze - Were Later Extended To Al Qaeda, And In January 2001, The U.N TeddyJohnstone81 2020.05.29 1
4567 Benedict Blasted Proposed Laws Before The British Parliament That Are Intended To Prevent Employers From Denying Jobs To Applicants On The Grounds Of Gender, Sexuality, Age Or Race AntonKnox60053624702 2020.05.29 1
4566 Haiti Food Convoy Attacked By Armed Men LaurieWest2070788 2020.05.29 1
4565 Thursday To Be Fingerprinted And Photographed, Said Officer Brian Ballieweg Elise19980612972795 2020.05.29 0
4564 "This Isn't Public Information Because The Federal Police And Public Safety Officials Set Up These Roadblocks Without Telling Anyone Where They'll Be," He Insisted SimonKleeman48250 2020.05.29 0
4563 Initiative Against Gender Discrimination On The Grounds That It Could Pressure Countries To Recognize Same-sex Marriages ConcettaKilvington 2020.05.29 1
4562 Instead, He Argues, It Would Keep Twitteros From Sharing Private Government Data About The Location Of Alcoholimetros YoungVinci70302 2020.05.29 0
4561 However, Diplomats From Other Western Countries Have Said Such A Dramatic Turn Around After Years Of Conflict Between U.S|It Is A Win-win For ISAF (International Security Assistance Force In Afghanistan), The U.S., Afghanistan And Pakistan." Ki WillFortenberry4 2020.05.29 2
4560 "It's A Way For Drug Cartels To Locate Targets," Said Ghaleb Krame, A Security Expert At Alliant International University In Mexico City ValentinaFunnell741 2020.05.29 0
4559 In December, A Marine Was Killed During An Operation To Capture One Of Mexico's Most Wanted Drug Lords, Arturo Beltran Leyva, Who Also Died In The Shootout MollyQ408642816752 2020.05.29 1
4558 Officers Received A 911 Call About The Accident And Traced Her To A Local Hospital StacyPfeiffer72549 2020.05.29 0
4557 U.S FletcherCochrane 2020.05.29 1
4556 Police Said At The Time She Had Been Arrested For Investigation Of Driving Under The Influence, Though She Wasn't Formally Booked On The Allegation Until Thursday JeffryWrench80387 2020.05.29 0
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