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37831 "Your Country Is Well Known For Its Firm Commitment To Equality Of Opportunity For All Members Of Society," He Told Them AidanSamuels3564 2020.05.20 0
37830 "The Overall Security Situation Across The Country Remains Stable But Potentially Volatile," The UN Mission Said In A Statement Tuesday PaigeBenjamin676723 2020.05.20 0
37829 " Haiti's Government Also Has Had To Deal With The 10 Americans Who Tried To Take A Busload Of Undocumented Haitian Children Out Of The Country DeloresDugger607757 2020.05.20 0
37828 And International Officials That Some Less-active Leaders Of The Afghan Taliban Are No Longer Tightly Linked To The Al Qaeda Network They Sheltered Before The Terror Attacks On The United States On Sept ZenaidaP312811452259 2020.05.20 0
37827 The Twins Came Through In Good Shape PiperEad285824975 2020.05.20 0
37826 On Any Given Night, A Dozen People Write In Listing The Time And Location Where They Saw A Police Checkpoint, Helping Others To Avoid It EzekielMccrory4 2020.05.20 0
37825 At Least For The Next Two Weeks They’ll Be Monitored In Intensive Care SharonShm6087986831 2020.05.20 1
37824 Pakistan Terror Suspects Claim FBI Torture LizzieFawsitt280077 2020.05.20 0
37823 Thursday To Be Fingerprinted And Photographed, Said Officer Brian Ballieweg KathleneCasanova1 2020.05.20 0
37822 In Voodoo, Some Believe That Improper Burials Can Trap Spirits Between Two Worlds ConcettaDavid246 2020.05.20 0
37821 But The Two Toddlers Still Have Quite The Journey Ahead ElkeWhaley32787971 2020.05.20 0
37820 In December, A Marine Was Killed During An Operation To Capture One Of Mexico's Most Wanted Drug Lords, Arturo Beltran Leyva, Who Also Died In The Shootout MarinaNovotny2392321 2020.05.20 0
37819 Opponents Fear That Al Qaeda, Including Its Leaders Osama Bin Laden And Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Who Are Believed Hiding Along The Pakistan Border, Would Be Welcomed Back AngieBermudez31 2020.05.20 0
37818 Artists Scheduled To Appear On Future Episodes Include The Goo Goo Dolls On July 29, Country Music Star Toby Keith On Aug EricMancini4996000 2020.05.20 0
37817 "They Did Very Well," Lead Surgeon Gary Hartman, MD, A Clinical Professor Of Surgery At The School Of Medicine, Said In A Statement AnibalReeve57865 2020.05.20 0
37816 At The Same Time, Several Recent Cases Have Highlighted The Growing Danger Of Americans Signing Up To Join The Insurgents On Both Sides Of The Border RobertoH126159576 2020.05.20 0
37815 Avril Played Hooky From Home School KathrynWylde3891294 2020.05.20 0
37814 "Your Country Is Well Known For Its Firm Commitment To Equality Of Opportunity For All Members Of Society," He Told Them RubenMancini550 2020.05.20 0
37813 Prosecutors Are Still Mulling Whether The Case Is Strong Enough To Charge The Men And Bring Them To Trial ChristalByatt725 2020.05.20 0
37812 Less Than A Week Later, Gunmen Attacked The Marine's Home, Killing His Mother And Three Relatives THKDarla1388726 2020.05.20 0
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