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685 Many Denounced President Rene Preval And Called For The Return Of Ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide MyrtisDeegan97009142 2020.05.29 7
684 "This Isn't Public Information Because The Federal Police And Public Safety Officials Set Up These Roadblocks Without Telling Anyone Where They'll Be," He Insisted BrittMouton68084277 2020.05.29 22
683 The Vatican Announced Last October It Was Making It Easier For Anglicans To Become Catholic, Essentially Creating Independent Dioceses For Converts Who Could Still Maintain Certain Anglican Traditions, Including Having Married Priests RaySterner720286898 2020.05.29 13
682 It Is Clear Now That Some Of The Children Have Live Parents," Bellerive Said KatrinaPuig03523490 2020.05.29 4
681 Avril Played Hooky From Home School LakeishaSadler3 2020.05.29 8
680 He Urged The Bishops To Help Disaffected Anglicans Who Want To Convert To Catholicism KristinaRawson9 2020.05.29 3
679 On Any Given Night, A Dozen People Write In Listing The Time And Location Where They Saw A Police Checkpoint, Helping Others To Avoid It OlgaChristison50 2020.05.29 9
678 The Twins Came Through In Good Shape PhilipLuisini7996186 2020.05.29 11
677 Taliban: Terrorists Or Political Faction? Christopher5777 2020.05.29 47
676 Diplomat Victor Comras, Who Was One Of Five International Monitors Who Oversaw The Implementation Of U.S JillianJacka305333 2020.05.29 64
675 Prosecutors Are Still Mulling Whether The Case Is Strong Enough To Charge The Men And Bring Them To Trial StefanieP511948733 2020.05.29 68
674 Their Mother Aida Said Doctors Told Her Early On In Her Pregnancy That The Twins Might Not Make It ArdenBrunson70894379 2020.05.29 15
673 "I Remember Talking To My Friends On The Phone And They're Getting Ready For Exams, And I Was Like, 'ha, Ha, Ha.'" I Was Supposed To Do Home Schooling And I Was Supposed To Read Books, But I Didn't Do It BernardMcIntosh19 2020.05.29 3
672 And International Officials That Some Less-active Leaders Of The Afghan Taliban Are No Longer Tightly Linked To The Al Qaeda Network They Sheltered Before The Terror Attacks On The United States On Sept RichWoolnough8675011 2020.05.29 2
671 Lohan, Accompanied By Her Attorney, Surrendered Herself At The Beverly Hills Police Department Shortly After 4 P.m WillieHerr79314 2020.05.29 2
670 19 Kathi02172517177 2020.05.29 2
669 Even Before The Quake Critics Were Blaming Preval For Rising Unemployment, Corruption And Greed AlisonKintore4677069 2020.05.29 2
668 The Global Body Said Haitian National Police Were Stepping Up Patrols To Prevent Violence And Apprehended 33 Escaped Prisoners On Saturday LionelStuder1049972 2020.05.29 2
667 Pope Blasts U.K. Anti GusFranklin5427842 2020.05.29 2
666 U.S LidaMackness21103055 2020.05.29 2
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