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59059 Police Said At The Time She Had Been Arrested For Investigation Of Driving Under The Influence, Though She Wasn't Formally Booked On The Allegation Until Thursday DelbertBaylebridge5 2020.05.23 0
59058 The Vatican Announced Last October It Was Making It Easier For Anglicans To Become Catholic, Essentially Creating Independent Dioceses For Converts Who Could Still Maintain Certain Anglican Traditions, Including Having Married Priests PalmaCpu225444159 2020.05.23 1
59057 "This Isn't Public Information Because The Federal Police And Public Safety Officials Set Up These Roadblocks Without Telling Anyone Where They'll Be," He Insisted LidaProsser23469543 2020.05.23 0
59056 U.S BonnyListon60305 2020.05.23 0
59055 Prosecutors Are Still Mulling Whether The Case Is Strong Enough To Charge The Men And Bring Them To Trial CharissaSawyers9 2020.05.23 0
59054 But Differences Remain, And The Ecumenical Talks Were Going Nowhere As Divisions Mounted Between Liberals And Traditionalists Within The Anglican Communion DemetriusMacdermott5 2020.05.23 0
59053 "But The Question That Haitians Are Really Asking Is, What Would The Mechanism Be To Get Capable Haitians Into The Country Who Could Manage The Situation?" Tens Of Thousands Were Killed By The Duvaliers - Many Of Them Also Buried Anonymousl Jared67D31636736218 2020.05.23 0
59052 Key To That Change Would Be An Effort To Negotiate With And Buy Out Midlevel Taliban Figures Willing To Renounce Violence And Abandon Their Fight GracePiddington 2020.05.23 0
59051 The Unprecedented Invitation Shocked Anglicans And Catholics Alike - Particularly In Britain, Seat Of Archbishop Of Canterbury Rowan Williams, The Spiritual Leader Of The Worldwide Anglican Communion RosarioFzp437292261 2020.05.23 0
59050 Nine Additional Episodes Are Planned For Production In 2007 CameronMaples12658 2020.05.23 0
59049 Typically Has A Strong Behind-the-scenes Role In The U.N.'s Decision And The U.N IvaSayers0162236266 2020.05.23 0
59048 The Most Serious Charge Is Conspiracy To Carry Out A Terrorist Act, Which Could Carry Life Imprisonment Depending On What The Act Is JoanneHeiden51162244 2020.05.23 0
59047 She Began Rehab After A Wild Memorial Day Weekend That Included The Crash KelseyL0156164268 2020.05.23 0
59046 Nine Additional Episodes Are Planned For Production In 2007 ClaudioStreeter 2020.05.23 0
59045 Each Has Only One Leg KaiNorthcott394401 2020.05.23 1
59044 Pakistan Terror Suspects Claim FBI Torture MargueriteGalleghan0 2020.05.23 0
59043 "They Did Very Well," Lead Surgeon Gary Hartman, MD, A Clinical Professor Of Surgery At The School Of Medicine, Said In A Statement RochelleBrittain0 2020.05.23 0
59042 Opponents Fear That Al Qaeda, Including Its Leaders Osama Bin Laden And Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Who Are Believed Hiding Along The Pakistan Border, Would Be Welcomed Back BradfordA1842620 2020.05.23 0
59041 " Haiti's Government Also Has Had To Deal With The 10 Americans Who Tried To Take A Busload Of Undocumented Haitian Children Out Of The Country Natisha434453099 2020.05.23 0
59040 Those Sanctions - A Travel Ban, Arms Embargo And Assets Freeze - Were Later Extended To Al Qaeda, And In January 2001, The U.N BerylRoller4128029 2020.05.23 0
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