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113559 Opponents Fear That Al Qaeda, Including Its Leaders Osama Bin Laden And Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Who Are Believed Hiding Along The Pakistan Border, Would Be Welcomed Back DellaBoldt944113129 2020.05.17 2
113558 But Differences Remain, And The Ecumenical Talks Were Going Nowhere As Divisions Mounted Between Liberals And Traditionalists Within The Anglican Communion JamikaHallman8577474 2020.05.17 2
113557 After The Crash, Lohan Got Into A Second Car And Was Driven To A Hospital In Nearby Century City For Treatment Of Minor Injuries, Police Said GwenStrayer25836286 2020.05.17 2
113556 "Clearly Many Anglicans, Myself Included, Felt That It Put Us In An Awkward Position," Williams Told Vatican Radio At The Time WhitneyMcGowan821910 2020.05.17 3
113555 Typically Has A Strong Behind-the-scenes Role In The U.N.'s Decision And The U.N BettyeCollie4604 2020.05.17 2
113554 Lohan, Accompanied By Her Attorney, Surrendered Herself At The Beverly Hills Police Department Shortly After 4 P.m RebbecaStenhouse26 2020.05.17 2
113553 Artists Scheduled To Appear On Future Episodes Include The Goo Goo Dolls On July 29, Country Music Star Toby Keith On Aug RaymonF0956494222530 2020.05.17 2
113552 Even Before The Quake Critics Were Blaming Preval For Rising Unemployment, Corruption And Greed ErmelindaHardison000 2020.05.17 2
113551 Seeking Home Remodeling Ideas? TeraHolland471908 2020.05.17 8
113550 After The Crash, Lohan Got Into A Second Car And Was Driven To A Hospital In Nearby Century City For Treatment Of Minor Injuries, Police Said RaphaelMiele63713 2020.05.17 2
113549 Officers Received A 911 Call About The Accident And Traced Her To A Local Hospital MauraMarquez809323 2020.05.17 2
113548 Prosecutors Are Still Mulling Whether The Case Is Strong Enough To Charge The Men And Bring Them To Trial HershelCunniff8 2020.05.17 2
113547 Diplomat Victor Comras, Who Was One Of Five International Monitors Who Oversaw The Implementation Of U.S EvanSlg2210333233159 2020.05.17 2
113546 Video Games : Target StefanCervantes0 2020.05.17 73
113545 Cialis Pills 91855933 Deloris89225337697 2020.05.17 11
113544 " Haiti's Government Also Has Had To Deal With The 10 Americans Who Tried To Take A Busload Of Undocumented Haitian Children Out Of The Country ImaSuter59575588103 2020.05.17 5
113543 Perhaps They Don't Have An Account On Twitter Or Facebook, But Their Children And Close Family Probably Do." Indeed, A Recent String Of Killings Suggest Drug Cartels Are More Web-savvy Than The Police AugustusI877827097 2020.05.17 2
113542 Each Has Only One Leg DeborahOrs2871059422 2020.05.17 2
113541 However, Diplomats From Other Western Countries Have Said Such A Dramatic Turn Around After Years Of Conflict Between U.S|It Is A Win-win For ISAF (International Security Assistance Force In Afghanistan), The U.S., Afghanistan And Pakistan." Ki LorrineGoolsby71 2020.05.17 8
113540 Spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs Said Tuesday Several Hundred Prisoners Are Still Believed To Be On The Loose After Their Prisons Collapsed In The Jan DenishaWaterworth 2020.05.17 5
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