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113619 How Would You Do This? How To Win At Sports Betting Melinda9488114068136 2020.05.29 27
113618 Amazon Workers 'watch Footage From People's Cloud Cams' Shelby64N40724252 2020.05.29 513
113617 Many Denounced President Rene Preval And Called For The Return Of Ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide LanoraRuckman538345 2020.05.29 13
113616 "I Remember Talking To My Friends On The Phone And They're Getting Ready For Exams, And I Was Like, 'ha, Ha, Ha.'" I Was Supposed To Do Home Schooling And I Was Supposed To Read Books, But I Didn't Do It MatildaIrons661 2020.05.29 14
113615 Benedict Blasted Proposed Laws Before The British Parliament That Are Intended To Prevent Employers From Denying Jobs To Applicants On The Grounds Of Gender, Sexuality, Age Or Race LidaNorthern543140 2020.05.29 19
113614 "I’m Very Pleased With The Outcome." Now Each Girl Has A Portion Of Their Vital Organs ManuelaBloch9163 2020.05.29 12
113613 Poker - A Social Factor MiloBarksdale5543431 2020.05.29 45
113612 Said JosieBon7289800146 2020.05.29 13
113611 19 QBFErika173523728 2020.05.29 18
113610 At Least For The Next Two Weeks They’ll Be Monitored In Intensive Care UHMJosef967867867823 2020.05.29 18
113609 Their Mother Aida Said Doctors Told Her Early On In Her Pregnancy That The Twins Might Not Make It LudieGragg853108405 2020.05.29 15
113608 Pakistan Terror Suspects Claim FBI Torture WendiGooseberry39690 2020.05.29 17
113607 In December, A Marine Was Killed During An Operation To Capture One Of Mexico's Most Wanted Drug Lords, Arturo Beltran Leyva, Who Also Died In The Shootout AudreyRemington304 2020.05.29 14
113606 He Urged The Bishops To Help Disaffected Anglicans Who Want To Convert To Catholicism MaxieDoolan53020147 2020.05.29 15
113605 Initiative Against Gender Discrimination On The Grounds That It Could Pressure Countries To Recognize Same-sex Marriages PeterHeine379308437 2020.05.29 15
113604 A Message Left Early Friday With Her Publicist Was Not Immediately Returned LucienneAlbertson1 2020.05.29 16
113603 Tips To Improve Your Article Marketing Efficiently KathieSilvey2575179 2020.05.29 11
113602 Forces Teamed Up With Former Sunni Insurgents To Fight Against Al Qaeda And Began An Effort To Absorb Them Into National Security And Other Civilian Jobs JerriAbney9425106457 2020.05.29 16
113601 In Jacmel, Also A Southern City, 33 Escaped Prisoners Were Apprehended Sunday, The U.N AnnettaWilfred87934 2020.05.29 9
113600 However, Diplomats From Other Western Countries Have Said Such A Dramatic Turn Around After Years Of Conflict Between U.S|It Is A Win-win For ISAF (International Security Assistance Force In Afghanistan), The U.S., Afghanistan And Pakistan." Ki RobbinRechner924 2020.05.29 8
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